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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Aftermath of Acute and Chronic Trauma in Elephants

It’s emotionally difficult to comprehend that elephants may soon be extinct secondary to ivory poaching and land-management conflict. To see elephants be tortured to perform for circuses and festivals is unconscionable. Zoos and elephant “entertainment” are about people and money, not about the welfare of the intelligent pachyderm.  The aftermath of human greed and abhorrent treatment of elephants leaves scars on these sentient majestic creatures; post-traumatic stress disorder.  Continue reading

Human Population Growth Is The Greatest Threat To Asian Elephants' Survival

In recent days, human-elephant conflicts have been escalating, making sensational headlines across India. One of the recent deaths of a harmless wild tusker affectionately called "Chilli Komban," sparked outrage among wildlife activists, with the Kerala government laying criminal charges against those who rammed him to death with an excavator. Continue reading


Another captive elephant in Kerala is on the death row, rotting away standing on his urine and excrement. His name is Thriprayar Ramachandran, in his early forties. For the past one year, he has been suffering from foot rot, and recently contracted a lung infection. Making matters worse is the fact that the poor animal has no teeth, and struggles to eat normally. Thriprayar Ramachandran's Foot Rot is Intensifying, Photo Courtesy: HATF Continue reading

A Call for New Ethics in an Overpopulated Planet

On a misty autumn morning the sun’s soothing rays dance through the canopies of barren trees, as I walk through the woods. A beam of light brings to focus a tuft of rich green grass and highlights every dew drop. The resilient pine trees stand tall, as the needles on the evergreen branches absorb the sun’s warm energy to prepare food and nourish the trees. Humans need sunlight to nurture the body, mind and spirit. Without the sun our planet will plunge into darkness. Continue reading

Anthony Douglas Williams - Inside the Divine Pattern

"Our Purpose is Simple - to Love.  To love each other, to love all life and to love our Earth." - Anthony Douglas Williams - Inside the Divine Pattern

Facts about Kerala's Festivities

Asian elephants have been elevated to India’s Heritage Animal status, featured on the emblem of the Government of Kerala. But ironically these same animals are captured and tortured for status quo and material gain. Of the 3000 captive elephants in India, more than 21 per cent – at least 800 of them – mostly bulls, are used in Kerala’s cultural festivities and temple rituals.  These male Asians elephants, also known as tuskers (as females don’t have tusks) are adorned in gold-plated ornaments and flaunted near temple grounds, particularly in the areas surrounding Trissur city – Kerala’s cultural capital. Continue reading

The Glitz and Glamour in Kerala's Festivities

More than 800 elephants adorned in ornaments are paraded between December and May during Kerala's annual festivities.

Baba Dioum on Conservation

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.” - Baba Dioum on Conservation