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Dan Richardson

Dan views life as a gift, a beautiful spiritual journey. He meditates frequently, is a vegan and believes that we humans, as custodians of the planet, have a responsibility to live and make choices from a foundation of love and compassion.A fundamental part of who Dan is at the very core is his lifelong love of animals. He is an empath - can't help but feel what an animal is feeling. He says he cannot and will not stand idly by while they are suffering. Acting is Dan's passion and it's a career he feels truly blessed and grateful to have, but animal conservation is his purpose in life. Happily, one facilitates the other very well, certainly in terms of raising awareness.

Dan says, "All animals matter to me greatly, but I feel deeply moved and inspired by the apparent soul-connection elephants seem able to achieve with us by their very presence. I will always strive to protect and preserve all species, but I genuinely feel a deep and profound affinity with elephants. I humbly and sincerely thank VFAE for the honour of allowing me to support and be involved with their truly great cause."

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