VFAES Wall of Fame

Michelle Moreno

Michelle is a travel blogger, freelance writer, vegan pastry chef, Elephant Ambassador and animal activist. She is a former travel consultant and impassioned environmentalist, using social media and the written word to expand awareness of animal suffering and climate change and its effects on the world.


Ria Ghosh

Ria is currently working as a software consultant. Although, she works as an IT professional, her passion lies elsewhere. She loves animals, all animals and she is vegan for the animals. Her goal in life is to able to do something for the animals and she is also a wildlife enthusiast and AR advocate. When she watched God's in Shackles, she became aware of the reality, of the grave exploitation of Asian Elephants in Kerala and she knew she had to do something for them.  She is glad to be a part of the awesome VFAES team and Sangita has been a great inspiration for her.


Jess Marie Larrain

Jess chose to support VFAES because of the incredible dedication to the cause. She said, "Sangita is such a wonderful leader who inspires me to stand for everything I believe in. I'm honored to have gained so much experience & now have the connection with VFAES." 


Nancy Nortell

Nancy is a retired schoolteacher and Cued Speech Transliterator for the Deaf. She joined VFAES because she knows how critical it is to change the minds of the people regarding the treatment of elephants who are supposed to be revered in India. She wants to help educate people, especially the younger generation whose job it will be to ensure the survival of these elephants and change the way they are cared for. 


Coleen Ockletree

Coleen is a graphic designer and photographer who is passionate about animal rights and saving the environment. She got involved with VFAES because she wanted to help to better the lives of Asian elephants. She hopes to use her documentary photography skills to document the lives of Asian elephants in India and Sri Lanka one day. She is a vegan and supports many animal rights groups.


Karunya Prasad

Karunya is a wildlife conservationist with a Master of Conservation Science from Imperial college London and experience working in India, Australia, Kenya and the UK. Her love for elephants and a keen desire to see these magnificent animals living a happy life in their natural environment attracted her to VFAES. She strives towards a future where all creatures, big and small are equal, free and can live in peace.


Seema Vaid

Seema currently works as an IT consultant, prior to which she was an Adjunct Professor, teaching business courses at several universities in India, Australia and the USA. In 2014, she learned about Sunder, the abused temple elephant and it transformed her life forever! She also learned about cruelty towards animals which affected her deeply, inspiring her to become vegan and an animal rights activist.

Subsequently, Seema became a volunteer with VFAES to help end the cruelty towards Asian elephants and is actively involved in promoting the ground breaking documentary, 'Gods in Shackles'.


Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson is a retired science technician. She is involved with Voice for Asian Elephants Society (VFAES) on several capacities. Jane was inspired to join VFAES after reading a newspaper article about the temple elephants. She says, "I had no idea that captive elephants endured such brutal treatment and I knew I wanted to do something to help."

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