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To protect endangered Asian elephants of India by preserving corridors for wild elephants and restoring their habitats, while providing basic knowledge and tools to people living near the forest fringes, in alleviating human elephant conflict and fostering a peaceful coexistence with wild elephants. VFAE also aims to provide rehabilitation programs for captive elephants and enhance their living conditions.

For us, humans are intrinsically compassionate and empathetic. By dispelling cultural myths and superstitious beliefs in a respectful manner, people can be empowered to make conscious decisions and become aware of their actions so they can discern how their behaviors are impacting so many innocent lives. The darkness of ignorance can be dispelled by shining the light of knowledge. 

And once people are made to realize how important elephants are for the survival of many species on the planet, including humans, we hope people will do everything possible to allow elephants to roam safely in the forests.

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