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VFAE Youth in Motion

Updated: Jun 24

Introduction to the movement


At VFAE, we believe that educating younger generations is the cornerstone of social change, fostering harmonious coexistence between humans and elephants. We envision committed, informed, and empowered youth as the key to ending the plight of Asian elephants. Embracing education means believing in societal evolution and growth, and we strive to promote that change.


“Youth in Motion” aims to cultivate a network of proactive, compassionate, and engaged young leaders dedicated to ending the exploitation of Asian elephants. At VFAE, we empower youth with the knowledge and resources needed to instill a deep sense of commitment, responsibility, and empathy, turning our mission into reality.


“Youth in Motion” has two main objectives to foster collaboration and engagement among youth:

  • Raising Awareness through Education: We develop workshops, talks, and blogs to educate younger generations on the ecological value of Asian elephants, wildlife preservation, habitat restoration, and ending the cycle of elephant mistreatment rooted in cultural traditions.

  • Young Leaders in Action: We aim to guide and inspire youth to collaborate in addressing the plight of Asian elephants. VFAE plans to create a global network of young leaders eager to learn and act.

We believe in change; we believe in action.

Bottom: Carlota Bloch Varela (Youth Ambassador). Top left: Shubham Bhusari (Youth Deputy). Top right: Jia Kapoor (Youth Deputy)

How the youth can contribute

"Our world as we know it and the future we want are both at risk," said António Guterres. Embracing sustainability is no longer a choice; it is a necessity. 

It is now up to the new generation to step up and demand a change in our way of living and working. Change can only be achieved through groups, teams, and communities mobilized around a common cause.

Youth need to inspire followers, build alliances, and communicate across cultures to become sustainability leaders. Voice for Asian Elephants, through its Youth in Motion initiative, provides a platform for the new generation to express ideas, find like-minded individuals, and build synergies. With their participation, an empowered youth can make conservation strategies more impactful that will, in turn, catalyze a societal transformation.

How can people independently empower their communities to unitedly voice their concerns for causes like animal welfare and climate action?

The answer is simple: building Community Power.

Imagine a network of passionate individuals working together, sharing skills, knowledge, and resources. Community events centered around awareness, games, activities, and campaigns can foster a sense of belonging and shared purpose. This local support system would help animals today and ensure future generations have the tools to create a kinder, more sustainable world.

This approach goes beyond traditional charity. It’s about empowering people to take charge. By working together, we can learn about local policies, advocate for change, and influence businesses, benefiting animals, our environment, and ourselves.

Anyone can be a leader in their community. The welfare of animals and conserving the planet go hand in hand. Whether you’re passionate about animals or the planet, there’s a place for you.

Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change, starting from our own neighborhoods.

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