Welcome to the Voice for Asian Elephants Society online shop! We offer a select group of unique, eclectic items for sale, and 100% of the cost of your purchase goes to support our VFAES. As a volunteer-run organization, your donations make our work possible and propels the global movement to end elephant slavery. Infinite gratitude!

Just in time for Mother's day - May 12, 2019!

Elephant mothers and babies share a powerful bond, a bond that forms the foundation of their matriarchal society. In the wild, mothers and daughters stay together their entire lives, in fact. Female elephants live in harmonious, supportive herds, surrounded by generations of family - mamas and babies, aunties and grandmas.


This Mother’s Day, celebrate your bond with the moms in your life with an ele-themed gift. In honor of the holiday, we’ve brought together a few special items that moms will love. 

Quantities are very limited. Items can only be shipped within the continental USA (except Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico)