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VFAE is grounded in nonviolent thoughts, words, and deeds, openness to diverse worldviews and cultures, transparency, and science.

In fulfilling our mission and vision VFAE will:


Create elephant corridors and restore their lost habitat to protect Asian elephants in collaboration with the state forest departments


Alleviate HEC through capacity building and training programs for the local communities living on the forest fringes, and creating sustainable communities


Provide the native people near the forest fringes basic necessities and survival tools like flashlights, the first line of defense to protect themselves and elephants


Organize youth empowerment programs to cultivate empathy and compassion for elephants, and empower them to pursue ecological studies and elephant conservation


Conduct sensitization workshops for bureaucrats, law enforcement authorities, religious institutions, and decision makers, to advocate for legislative changes in tackling wildlife crime and ending elephant capture


Provide capacity building and hands-on training for elephant handlers (mahouts) to foster compassionate treatment of captive elephants, in collaboration with forest departments across states that house captive elephants

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