Youth Action Network

Samarrth Khanna
Youth Leader

Samarrth Khanna has remained loyal and dedicated to our cause for the past three years, and he’s creating a tsunami of change in India. Samarrth is a young naturalist who is in love with nature and all its lifeforms. A student of environmental sciences, he regularly organizes and participates in various campaigns and on the ground work related to saving the environment and conserving wildlife.

Samartth developed a soft spot for elephants in his heart after attending the special screening of Gods in Shackles - An Epic Documentary’ in New Delhi and meeting our Founder, Sangita Iyer, who is also the Director and producer of the documentary.

He was so deeply touched and hurt to see the plight of Asian Elephants that he felt compelled to take action in order to save the elephants of India. He says, “I strongly believe that the young generation and youth can definitely bring a stronger change and can make various conservation strategies more impactful with their involvement and participation.” He created the VFAES youth group called the Youth Action Network (YAN), aiming to inspire, empower and reach out to the younger generations, and help them participate in various conservation actions.