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2023 Annual Report

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Watch Sangita Iyer Ring the Nasdaq Closing Bell

Click the thumbnail to view this event in honor of World Elephant Day 2023 as Sangita Iyer, Founding Executive Director for VFAE, rings the Nasdaq Closing Bell and raises her voice for the elephants!

We are witnessing the ravages of climate change around the world, and elephants are natural climate mitigators that need to be saved from extinction.

2023-08-10 vfaes nasdaq closing bell thumbnail

Good Morning America - GMA3 segment

World Elephant Day 2022 was a great opportunity to amplify the exploitation of "festival elephants" on the world's most watched morning shows - ABC Network's Good Morning America.

i24 News

Captivity Kills! That's the dire message by Sangita Iyer, as she discusses the plight of festival elephants on one of the popular TV cables - i24 News.

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