Our Projects

VFAES’s mission and vision are driven by specific projects and timelines. You can now donate to the project that resonates with your heart and soul, while helping us improve the welfare conditions of endangered Asian elephants.


Saving Odisha Elephants from Traffic Deaths

Elephant deaths due to traffic collisions are mounting in the eastern Indian state of Odisha.  


Saving 500 Elephants from Electrocution

In India's West Bengal state, 1-2 elephants die each year from accidental or deliberate electrocutions. But by November 2020 up to 10 elephants had been electrocuted.


Flash the Lights to Save Elephants of India

This project aims to create safe shared spaces for people and elephants, using science based solutions. In West Bengal state, India, human and elephant deaths are alarmingly high at approx. 40 people and six elephants per year.


Forgotten Elephants of Odisha

Work has already begun in Odisha, with VFAES, in partnership with Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI), are leading a team of local conservationists to steer knowledge-driven elephant conservation actions in some of the most vulnerable regions of the state.


The Gentle Giant Summit

VFAES conducted the first of its kind summit in November 2019, when decision makers, key ministries and stakeholders were invited to participate in this event.


Captive Elephant Rehabilitation

Elephants have been part of Kerala’s culture, to the extent that they’ve been in the past three decades. Many elephant owners and brokers have commercialized this cultural icon, leasing them out for money, as if they are commodities.


PROJECT Asian Elephants 101

Project Asian Elephants 101, a week-long program, will be delivered in three phases. First we will screen the epic film, Gods in Shackles, that exposes the plight of Asian elephants, followed by Q&A.


The Kerala Corridor Project

Globally there are approximately 45,000 wild Asian elephants, of which 27,300+ (Elephant Census, 2017) are in India, mostly spread across 29 Elephant Reserves, covering 11 elephant landscapes in 14 states.