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Gods In Shackles MOPA Special (Director Cut)

Trailer: Gods In Shackles Documentary

Gods in Shackles is an epic documentary that reveals the dark side of the southern Indian state of Kerala's glamorous cultural festivals where temple elephants are exploited for profit under the guise of culture and religion.

CTV News

‘Gods In Shackles’: Elephant Agony Reaches Kerala Assembly – NDTV

It was a 'trunk' call for Kerala legislators. 'Gods in Shackles', directed by Canada-based Keralite Sangita Iyer, is an award winning documentary on how elephants are abused in the name of temple festivals in Kerala. On Wednesday, it was screened in India for the first time in the Kerala Legislative Assembly complex, on the suggestion of the Speaker P Sreeramakrishnan.

The Elephant Who Stole My Heart

Through my sojourns during my recent visit to Kerala, Lakshmi -- the most gorgeous 25-year-old female Asian elephant -- left an indelible impression. It was love at first sight the moment I stepped into her sphere of captivity. Lakshmi captured my heart and soul with her intense brown eyes, grace, and pious, but most importantly by opening her heart and showering me with unconditional love.

Giving Voice to the Temple Elephants on Daytime Toronto

Sangita Iyer gives voice to the temple elephants on ROGERS TV's most popular show

Expert Opinion on why Elephants Need Footcare

Dr. Raman Sukumar, a world-renowned elephant scientist explains why captive elephants deserve proper foot care. During festivities these brilliant animals are made to walk on melting tar roads in the scorching sun, which is not conducive for elephants. Besides, since the four legs carry their massive body weight having them tethered in captivity 24/7 doesn't provide the opportunity to exercise. In the wild elephants wander around freely for 16-18 hours and get proper exercise.

Filmmaker @Sangita4eles on Mercy for Asian Temple #elephants

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