The conventional and new media play a vital role in creating awareness and informing the masses about the plight of captive elephants. And VFAES has certainly harnessed the power of the media. Since the release of the epic documentary Gods in Shackles in June 2016, the media coverage has been significant, with reporters often seeking the insights of our own founder – Sangita Iyer. You can read details in the publications below.


In June 2018, Gods in Shackles was translated into the native Malayalam language and screened on Asianet News – the most popular television network in Kerala. Here’s the trailer:


VFAES is a 501(c)(3) organization with a vision to protect endangered Asian elephants and their habitats in India, while also ensuring that tribal people and those living near the forest fringes have their basic needs met, so they will be inspired to coexist peacefully with these magnificent animals.

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