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Every single item here has a unique story, and conveys an empowering lesson learned from the elephants that our Founder, Sangita Iyer, encountered when she was filming her Nat Geo documentary series, Asian Elephants 101. Sangita clicked these exclusive images in the forests of Kaziranga National Park (KNP), in the north eastern region of Assam in India. To be clear, you will find this rare merchandise, riddled with beautiful ele-stories only at VFAE.

100% of proceeds from merchandise sales (after covering manufacturing costs) will go towards helping the endangered Asian elephants, teetering precariously on the verge of extinction.


हाथी मेरा साथी – translated Haathi Mere Saathi – means "elephants are my companions."This incredibly creative and rare depiction of a baby elephant inside the silhouette of his mommy elephant was our volunteer graphic designer, Jennifer Hebden's brilliant idea. The baby bull, just a week old, is constantly touching his aunty to feel secure and comforted. Elephants, just like us, are touchy-feely animals. This is how they bond with each other.

A large herd of elephants stopped in their tracks, as Sangita and her camera crew ventured deeper into the KNP. The aunt and mommy rushed to the young bull elephant to protect him, as the brave boy was grazing alone. But in a few moments, they felt safe and went about grazing in the nearby bushes, as though welcoming the companionship of the strangers.


A herd of female elephants with many babies were happily grazing inside the KNP, when they realized that strangers had entered their space. They immediately huddled together, and hovered over their babies, comforting and protecting them, striking this powerful pose that portrays a sense of “Together We Thrive”!

BACK OFF! Collection

This majestic bull elephant in his peak mating period was surprised by Sangita and her camera crew. He politely gestured to “Back Off!”, claiming his space and right of way. Without threatening or getting upset, this gentle bull walked past their safari jeep, turned around and struck this pose, when Sangita quickly captured this magnificent shot!


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